Our gourmet salsas are not just for dipping. Use them as key ingredients in your recipes to enhance the flavors and to add some spice. Follow us on our social media platforms to see how we and many others are using them to cook with.
All 3 of our salsas are roasted and authentic.  Once you start eating them it’s pretty hard to stop. We take great pride in our products and use fresh ingredients to bring you and your family the best salsa on the market.  We don’t use any fillers (tomato juice, tomato paste, or vinegar) in our salsas so you will always get the best flavor and a beautiful color and texture possible in any salsa.
Whether it’s a large family meal or a simple snack of chips and salsa, you’ll find yourself craving more.
We offer 3 salsas so everyone in your family is sure to find a favorite:


While it is the most mild of all 3 salsas, it still has a small kick to it. We can’t really call it just ‘Mild’ so what better name to describe the kick? None other than Texas Mild. This is more of a medium on the heat scale.


Our hot salsa is so good. You’re not just getting a spicy salsa, you’re getting one with tons of flavor…and heat.


If you like habanero peppers you will love the flavor and heat of this salsa. It takes a few seconds for the heat to creep up on you… but you will feel it. With this salsa too, you’re not just getting a lot of heat, you’re also getting great flavor.

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